You can even help us by simply providing us with items that we always need. These items may be stuff that your pet no longer needs or doesn't use (i.e. your pet does not like the specific brand of dry food you bought), or by buying them and giving them to us!

Our animals are in constant need for:

Items: Pillows, sheets, blankets, pet beds etc.

Food: Dry food, canned food, treats, etc.

External Tick and flea repellents: Sprays, pippettes, spot on treatments, pills both for dogs and cats.

Types of housing or transport: houses, transport cages, baskets, mats, rugs, crates etc.

Accessories: collars, leashes, toys, scratching posts, etc.

Medications: Vibramycin (€2.00), Zylapour (€3.50), Glycantime, vaccinations neutering costs

Internal anti-parasites: Drontal Plus for dogs and cats, Milbemax, Banminth etc